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About New Wave
How did we come about?

Jay moved to NZ in 2007 to play basketball and ended up spending six years at Uni. During this time, he worked at Red Bull as a student Brand Manager. It was supposed to be a 1-year position, but five years later, he found himself moving agency side and working at a small New Zealand agency as a creative and content creator. He has since gone on to work for a number of agencies, most recently an independent integrated agency called Culture&Theory as their Head of Content, looking after the Social and Content team. He currently works as the in-house Creative Director at Bremworth in his role of the Creative Storytelling Specialist.

Creative Jay Hall New Zealand
nisi Athena 35mm Prime

New Wave Collective was formed out of the desire to provide expert services without all the agency ticket clipping. We want to make great content and by having low overheads, and pulling in the right people for each job, we are able to ensure more of your budget goes to doing the Mahi rather than being billed for an account manager, business director, five suites and the tea lady.

Creative Direction

Creative Strategy


Art Direction


Branding Identity




Drone videography

Drone photography



Social Media

AI content creation

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