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Celebrating Bremworth's comitment to do a little more good and their commitment to New Zealand Wool, New Zealand Growers and our Land


Partner With Nature

Telling Bremworth's providence story in a uniquely Bremworth way.  Their competitor's farm content features well-marinated-looking blokes on the farm in front of a fence, ready to tell you how it is and nothing more and nothing less. 

So we needed a hook 🪝 that would make people stop, watch, listen and feel something irrespective of their expertise or passion for carpet. We needed to celebrate Bremworth's commitment to finding a more sustainable way by ditching synthetics, adopting wool and offering New Zealand wool growers 10-year contracts in a bid to help lift the wool industry here in New Zealand.


Bremworth is a New Zealand company using a New Zealand-grown fibre and manufacturing 100% wool carpet and rugs here in New Zealand - so the content needed to be unapologetically Kiwi whilst remaining true to our premium position.

So I wrote a poem that is ownable from a brand perspective, captures stunning visuals across the central north island of Aotearoa and had it voiced by the incredible Rena Owen.

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