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Because the world is richer with diversity.

Culture & Stanley St

Richer With Me

I developed this idea to give a voice to each of Aotearoa's amazing communities, for once letting the people themselves tell those who need to hear it why we are richer for having them in our lives.

I created the content with a $0 budget using the camera gear I personally owned. I had to produce, source talent, direct, film, edit, grade and mix the entire piece on my own.


Despite this, it had a huge organic impact. This piece stood out MASSIVELY from other campaigns at the time, even against Motion Sickness' Internal affairs work. No other competitor came even close. It generated over 30K views on my Instagram page alone, and the campaign featured on M+AD, Capsule, StopPress and RNZ. Ironically it is still the top performing piece of content to come out of the agency Culture to date.

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